Mustang Meal Share

The Mustang Meal Share program supports students who are experiencing food insecurity by creating an avenue for fellow students to donate money from their dining plan. As part of the university’s Basic Needs Initiative, Mustang Meal Share allows any student with a dining plan to donate funds and help ensure that every student has access to nutritious meals each day so they can stay focused on their studies and success.

To donate a meal please follow this link, fill out the form, and submit.

At the end of the academic year, all unused Meal Share Program money will be rolled over to ensure that all student donations continue to help their fellow students.

In line with the statewide CSU program, Cal Poly’s Basic Needs Initiative was set in place to address student hunger on campus. The program provides an on-campus representative to help interested students enroll in CalFresh, offers access to a campus food pantry, and supports Mustang Meal Share.

Need a little help yourself? Inquire about the program by contacting the Dean of Students office via email or phone (805) 756-2472.