Reusable Tumblers

To increase convenience and sustainability on campus, Campus Dining offers a complimentary reusable tumbler to all first-year students with a dining plan. These Cal Poly-branded cups are embedded with an RFID chip that allows them to be preloaded with drinks. Users simply scan their cup at the beverage station, fill and go.

These attractive and BPA-free tumblers are complimentary to first-year dining users. For continuing students, faculty and staff, they are available for purchase and come with five fills. Each additional refill comes at a 10% discount. You will find the Cal Poly reusable tumblers at Campus Market, Market Grand Ave, UU Market and Vista Grande. To learn more about the reusable tumblers, please see our FAQ below.

Increasing Sustainability

The simple practice of reusable cups will help Campus Dining keep thousands of single-use cups out of landfills and helps us lower our environmental footprint. See more about our commitment to sustainability at


I’m a first-year student, where do I pick up my tumbler?

Your reusable tumbler will be included in a Welcome Box. Boxes are distributed at the beginning of the year, and those moving in after fall quarter can pick theirs up at Campus Dining Admin on the third floor of Vista Grande.

What happens if I lose my reusable tumbler?

If a tumbler is lost mid-quarter, any unused beverage fills loaded on that cup will be forfeit. A new tumbler can be purchased and loaded with fills utilizing dining dollars, or a debit card, anytime during that quarter. The new tumbler can be purchased at Campus Market, Market Poly Canyon, UU Market Vista Grande, and Market PCV, as well as the Vista Grande 3rd floor reception desk.

How do the reusable tumblers work?

All first-year students on a meal plan receive one free reusable tumbler preloaded with 100 fills that can be used at any Coca Cola Freestyle machine around campus. Students can reload their tumblers with fills at any time using dining dollars or a debit card.

No, literally, how do the actual tumblers work?

Tumblers are enabled with Validfill RFID technology. This allows cups to be recognized and filled at any Coca Cola Freestyle Machine on campus. Freestyle machines can be found in Market Grand Avenue, Market UU, Market PCV, Campus Market and Vista Grande.

Are the tumblers BPA-free?


How do I wash my tumbler?

Tumblers can easily be washed with soap and water and are also top shelf dishwasher safe.

Do I have to pay to fill my tumbler with water?

Water is free at any Coca Cola Freestyle machine with your reusable tumbler.

Where can I use my tumbler?

The tumblers can be filled at all Coca Cola Freestyle fountain machines located in Vista Grande, Market Grand Ave, Campus Market and Market UU and Market Poly Canyon.

How do I add more fills to my tumbler?

Fills can be loaded in increments of 10, 20 or 100 at any register in Vista Grande, Market Grand Ave, Campus Market and Market UU. Dining dollars and debit cards can be used to purchase fills.

Do unused fills rollover quarter to quarter?


What about rollover to the next academic year?