Community Dining Plan Terms 2023-2024

2023-2024 Academic Year


Community Dining Plan (“Plan”) is offered by Campus Dining, a unit of the Cal Poly Corporation, to the Users (student, staff, or faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). By using the Plan, the User agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. USING THE PLAN. Plan is used to purchase food items from dining venues on campus, and is a dollar for dollar declining balance account. Value expires at the end of the academic year on June 18, 2024. Available dining dollars include dining dollars and bonus dining dollars. Dining dollars are redeemed before bonus dining dollars.
  2. PLAN. All Cal Poly students, faculty and staff are able to become Users by purchasing Plan, per the terms of this agreement.
  3. ACCESS. Plan is a type of “Value Account Plan” that is accessed through the magnetic strip on the back of the Student’s University ID card (“PolyCard”), or the ISO number for electronic purchases using a mobile food ordering platform. Users must present the PolyCard to purchase goods with the Plan at registers. It is the Users responsibility to acquire the PolyCard before using the Plan. Campus Dining provides all food service support at the University, and can be contacted at 805-756-5939 or
  4. VENUES. Other venues may be added or changed (or names changed) throughout the year. Venues may be open for limited hours, which will be posted at each venue. Plan can be used for food services at all restaurants on campus.
  5. PURCHASE AND ADDITIONAL LOADS. Plan can be purchased, and subsequent loads can be added, for a set number of dining dollars (value) by logging into the MyCalPoly portal (, going to the Money Matters tab, and clicking on the “Go to My Account or Place Order” link, by credit card Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Online purchase and additional loads by credit card are usually instantaneous but may be delayed due to network traffic. Restitution is required for overdrafts resulting from purchases made while the register system may be off-line, with the computer server showing updated balances.
  6. CANCELLATION. Plan in Poly 2350, Poly 1600, Poly 1100 and Poly 550 can be canceled at any time with no cancellation fee. Any unspent dining dollars balance less bonus dining dollars and rollover dining dollars will be refunded to the User. Bonus dining dollars and rollover dining dollars are nonrefundable. When the dining plan is used the dining dollars that rolled over from 2022-23 are used first, followed by the dining plan dollars, then finally the bonus dollars. Users who purchased their Plan through the University Housing portal (StarRez platform) will have their refund credited to their student account with University Student Accounts Office. Users who purchased through the Cal Poly portal’s Money Matters link (JSA platform) will receive their refund on the same card used to make the Plan purchase, or via check. Fill out this form to request a cancellation.
  7. FORFEITURE. Any unused dining dollars on the Plan will be forfeited at the end of each academic year after the expiration date June 18, 2024.
  8. ROLLOVER. Any unused dining dollars on the Plan can rollover to the next academic year if a Community Plan for 2024-2025 academic year is purchased by June 20, 2024, and maintained.
  9. PURCHASING WHEN USER MAY HAVE MULTIPLE VALUE ACCOUNT PLANS. There are multiple “Value Account Plans” available to Users on campus and all are accessed through the PolyCard. The registers are generally set to deduct value from the PolyCard in the following order: Dining Credits, Plu$ Dollars, Mustang Meal Share, Community Plan, and then Campus Express. Users are to select the desired payment account when using a mobile food ordering platform.
  10. NO TRANSFERS. The use of the Plan is limited to the User whose name appears on the PolyCard. The value and Plan may not be resold, assigned, transferred, or used by anyone else without prior authorization of Campus Dining.
  11. UNAUTHORIZED USE. Unauthorized use of the PolyCard or the Plan value, including use by a party other than the person identified on the PolyCard, or tampering with or altering the PolyCard may warrant confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the University, a fine, and possible forfeiture of value expended.
  12. LOST OR STOLEN CARDS. The User is responsible for any charges on a lost or stolen PolyCard. User is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the PolyCard in good working order. The PolyCard must be readable by Campus Dining’s cash registers in order for a purchase to be transacted. It is the Users responsibility to report a lost or stolen PolyCard to the University’s PolyCard Office.
  13. NO INTEREST. No interest or other earnings will be credited to the account by Cal Poly Corporation.
  14. MISCELLANEOUS. Any situation not specifically addressed herein will be resolved at the sole discretion of Campus Dining. Campus Dining cannot be responsible for payments that are lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, or delayed. Campus Dining is not responsible for incomplete, incorrect, or illegible entries made by the User during the application or add value process.
  15. AMENDMENT OF TERMS. Campus Dining may amend the terms of this Contract at any time.