Campus Express FAQ

What is Campus Express?

Campus Express is the smart and convenient way to shop at Cal Poly. When you join Cal Poly as a student, faculty member, or staff employee, you are automatically set up as a member. From there you can add value to your PolyCard (campus ID) to purchase food, clothing, printing, and supplies.

Where can I use my Campus Express?

You can use your Campus Express at any one of these campus locations: all Campus Dining restaurants and markets, Mustang Shop (in store only, not online), Cal Poly Downtown Cal Poly Print & Copy, Canyon Post, and some campus computer labs.

Who can use Campus Express?

All Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff.

How can I add value to my account?

Simply go to your Cal Poly Portal ( and click on the Campus Express channel in the Money Matters tab. Or click the ADD EXPRESS FUNDS NOW button at

Can I use Campus Express if I have a Dining Plan?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to buy books, school supplies, and more throughout campus.

What identification do I need to add value online?

All you need is your Cal Poly e-mail address (e.g. to identify the account you are adding value to.To access your account, go to your Cal Poly Portal ( and click on the Campus Express channel in the Money Matters tab.

Can I use my credit card to add value?

Yes. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What should I do if my PolyCard malfunctions, is lost, or stolen?

If the magnetic strip appears to have lost its encoding, please request assistance from ITS Service Desk via their online Support Center. If your PolyCard has been lost or stolen, you can deactivate it through the Cal Poly Portal, using the PolyCard Services link under MyApps. To maintain a PolyCard, keep it away from magnetic fields such as those created by a TV, stereo, microwave, or magnetic clasps of wallets and purses. Heat, water, and eelskin can also corrupt the magnetic stripe and render the card unreadable. The PolyCard must be readable by Campus Dining’s cash registers for a purchase to be completed.

How can I check my value?

Simply log into the MyCalPoly portal ( and click on PolyCard Services channel under Single Click Links. From there you can check your balance and view activity on your card. You’ll also be shown your balance every time you use your card. Campus Dining cashiers can check your value without a purchase. Simply tell the cashier you’d like to check the status of your Campus Express account and give him/her your card.

Do funds in Campus Express expire?

Your Campus Express account remains open as long as you’re enrolled in classes or working for Cal Poly. When you’re getting close to graduation, plan to spend all your value before leaving or complete a Refund/Transfer Request form (pdf) to have your balance refunded.A $25 processing charge may apply. PolyCards are inactive after graduation.

What do I need to do with my account before graduation?

The best thing to do is use all the value before graduation. If you are unable to use it all before leaving, complete a Refund/Transfer Request form (pdf) to request a refund and cancel your membership. There may be a $25 processing charge for a refund.

Who can I call if I have further questions?

Call Campus Dining at (805) 756-5939 during regular business hours or e-mail